The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) on Wednesday (14 December 2016) introduced to the public a single portal that users can visit to avail of online government services. It also launched an application that will be used to prepare the government’s citizen registry.

DICT Undersecretary Denis F. Villorente made the announcement during the Yearend Event of the Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Program held at the Pearl Hall of SEAMEO Innotech in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

DICT Undersecretary Denis F. Villorente speaks during the launch of the single government portal and the application to clean the government’s citizen registry.

The National Government Portal (NGP) is a one-stop-shop of online services designed to simplify transactions in government, avoid crowding in offices and minimize red tape. As a unified portal, it allows users to transact with government and seek information and data.

The Deduping and Matching Application (DMA) will be used in the creation of the person information registry, a streamlined database of citizens and people interacting with the Philippine government. The DMA will remove duplicates in databases and merge and match them with the authenticated record. “The application is expected to improve the quality of data in government,” Villorente said.

“The NGP and DMA application that we are launching today will serve as the backbone of an interoperable and interconnected e-Government that will improve not only inter-agency collaboration but also the delivery of services to the citizens,” he said.

As the leading authority in the collection and keeping of personal data, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will be the first agency to use the DMA in its On-premises Person Registry System to “deduplicate” and match its birth, marriage, and death records, which will be readied for eventual sharing or validation with other agencies and stakeholders.

During the event, officials from the DICT and the PSA had a ceremonial handshake to formalize the joint effort in creating authoritative registries, which will serve as a source of data for the whole government.

DICT Undersecretary Denis F. Villorente (fifth from left) shakes hands with Gene Lorica, Assistant National Statistician of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), during a ceremony formalizing the creation of the On-premise Person Registry System.

The creation of the person information registry is the first phase of DICT plan to build data sources for the common government platform. Additional registries to be created are datasets on Land, Business, and Transportation.