Frequently Asked Questions - FormsGen

Can the paper size be changed?

No. It is set to A4 size.

How can we adopt/get the system?

Click here to know more on how to avail PhPay. It is cloud-base, we just have to issue a user account.

If we have our own database? How can we get the data?

You can download the CSV file the upload it to you database.

How about the storage?

iGov has its own data center and there are VMs allotted for each shared systems.

How secure is FormsGen?

The database is being maintained by our technical people. Later on, FormsGen will be integrated with PKI and once gov’t employees/citizens are issued with digital certificates, forms can now be filled up with tokens.

Is it possible that the database be viewed with limits?

This can be done thru API.

What’s the limit for file upload?

Max of 50MB

Who can view the database?

As of the moment, one who created the form can view the database. I am working on the sharing features.

Is it possible to put limit on the number of respondents?

No, as of the moment. But you can require the respondents to sign up first before filling up the form, this is to manage number of respondents

Once you download the database with uploaded images on it, is it automatically in the database?

No. You have to download it one by one. It is the image URL that is included in the database.

Is it free?

Yes, as of the moment.

Is it required?

No. it’s still your prerogative to adopt FormsGen or not.

What database are you using?