Frequently Asked Questions - GovMail

Who will create the accounts?

Initially, the iGovPhil GovMail team will create the accounts for the requesting agency. Succeeding accounts will be created by the agency administrator.

How many email accounts can be requested?

There is no limit yet, prioritization, however, will be based on a first-come-first-served basis. The agency that completes and submits the required format will be accommodated first.

What is the capacity of each account mailbox?

As of now, capacity for the accounts are defined in three (3) levels:

  • Level 3 Personnel: 10GB
  • Level 2 Personnel: 3GB
  • Level 1 Personnel: 2GB

To accommodate more, additional storage is now being procured targeting 10GB storage capacity for the levels 2 and 1 accounts.

Do agencies need to own servers to house the system?

No. The servers, as well as maintenance and operation, are handled by iGovPhil.

What to do if the domain is hosted by a private entity?

Your agency should have control over your domain because the mail exchange record of your domain must be modified and pointed to GovMail.

Can I access GovMail using mobile devices?

Yes. GovMail supports a variety of operating systems for smartphones and tablets such as Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows, using web browsers and third-party clients for mails, contacts, and calendars. Blackberry, on the other hand, is supported but requires a separate Blackberry Enterprise Server License.

Can GovMail be accessed using third party clients?

Yes. GovMail can be accessed using Thunderbird, MacOS Mail, etc. through IMAP/S & SMTP/S.

Are there anti-virus/anti-spam apps on the servers?

Yes. GovMail’s security measures include anti-spam and anti-virus.

How about security?

Security is an ever-changing aspect in the administration of systems. As such, the systems may be secure now, but may not be in the future. That is why the systems administrators of iGovPhil, who are capable of handling security breaches, are frequently applying the best practices and principles in security.