Frequently Asked Questions - GovNet

What are the factors in determining proper broadband speed for corporate entities?

Telecommunication companies usually offer only “best effort” maximum speed, which is rarely reached. What government agencies need, however, are guarantees when it comes to online speed. With the iGovPhil Project, we can guarantee at least 4 MBPS.

How will the system be maintained?

It does not necessarily require a 24/7 monitoring personnel. Only the system must be 24/7, including the electricity and air-conditioning. Its maintenance will be outsourced.

How are the nodes identified?

The nodes are agencies that have their own data center. These selected node agencies will host additional equipment.

What are the benefits of a node?

10gig link from your network up to data center.

Once you are a node, is it iGov's responsibility - the network security or network equipment? Who will shoulder the equipments?

Yes. iGov will provide everything including the virtual LAN, the only responsibility of a node is that 24/7 power, 24/7 cooling system and 24/7 proactive technical staff. There will be an ocular inspection to all nodes just to check if all the requirements are met.

Do we need to convert our networks into fibers so we can connect to you?

You don’t need to. There will be media converter.

How will you lay the fibers?

It can be aerial or underground or varied. It depends on the location.

When will it be available?

The project’s target to finish its fiber laying is on June 2014. Depending on how the agency respond/comply to the requirements as well as the permits that need to be accomplished.