Frequently Asked Questions - NGDC

What is a GDC?

The Government Data Center (GDC) provides centralized servers and colocation and storage facilities which bring about faster data exchange and collaboration among data agencies.

What are the main drivers and key benefits for government from data center consolidation?

For one, this would have a huge impact on government spending. Government will incur savings as a result of reduced cost for data center hardware and software procurements, maintenance and operations. Second, improve efficiency by increasing the use of more efficient computing platforms and technologies. Third, it will improve government’s overall IT security posture and disaster readiness.

What services will be offered by the government data center?

The data center will provide server colocation for agencies.

How can government agencies avail of the service?

We will provide colocation services for agencies. Please take note of the minimum requirements for colocation that we have by visiting You will need to provide us the specifications of the server you intend to colocate.

How scalable are the internet bandwidths? Can this be increased and decreased on demand? How fast?

We currently have 1GB aggregated domestic bandwidth going to our network. Internet bandwidth will depend on your ISP.

What are the costs involved in availing of the service?

At present, this service is free for government agencies.

On colocation, is there a corresponding fee if we go beyond 4u rack space? What would be the cost?

No fees yet. However, approval to go beyond what is offered will be on a case-to-case basis. An evaluation will be conducted to assess whether an agency’s request will be approved.

Do the free offerings expire? When? What will be the cost?

We do not have a “charge-back” for the services, but in the future, we expect to come up with a mechanism (after consultation with concerned departments/agencies) on how this will be integrated in each agency’s IT/internet expenses.

Are there requirements for colocation?

Yes, please refer to the Service Catalogue menu for the requirements and terms of colocation.

Who will manage the agency’s colocated servers?

The agency is responsible for managing their own servers.

Can we go in and out of the data center if we need to do something to our server?

Not exactly. The data center manager has the authority to issue an access pass to the agency’s authorized representative in order to gain access to the data center. We will be releasing a Data Center Policies and Procedures, and we will announce it on this site once it becomes available.

Do agencies need to provide an employee in the data center to do manual activities (e.g. re-seating hard disks, ensuring that network cables are intact, inserting backup tapes, etc.)?

Yes, agencies are expected to provide their own manpower in the data center to do installation and configuration works or regular maintenance of server. However, our technical staff will provide the necessary technical assistance for said activities.

What is the assurance that the systems will not be interrupted because of the number of connected users?

The technical design is very resilient to failure.

What about in cases of failover, i.e., data loss, system disaster, or even natural calamities?

Don’t worry, we have disaster recovery sites, which means, we maintain remote back-up systems to prevent data loss, or server or system fail-over. This also ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum, and reliability to handle mission-critical workloads is guaranteed.

How is backup and recovery done?

Since this is a colocation, what we provide is the rack space for your server, power, A/C, and network. The management of your server remains with you.