Frequently Asked Questions - PMGov

When is the implementation of PMGov?

PMGov is currently under pilot testing.

How can we avail the system?

For the process flow of availing the system, click here.

What is a PMGov Tracker?

– A tracker, just like its common definition, is a monitor or observer. In PMGov, a tracker is used to control the creation and behavior of tasks. It is also helpful in the time tracking and filtering of tasks. Once a tracker is set for a project, all tasks created under that project automatically admits to the settings of the tracker, including the workflow it can use. The trackers can be configured by the System Administrator.

What is the framework that has been used in the system?

PMGov is based on the RedMine, an opensource project management web application using the Ruby Rails framework.

Can the deadline of a task be stretched using the Gantt Chart?