The Forms Builder is a web-based application that produces forms used by various government agencies. This toolkit generates electronic versions of the agencies’ paper-based forms. It features a form designer, form renderer and shared service application registry. Government agencies will just provide the elements needed to be included in the form and the generator will provide a form according to the specifications, making their tasks simpler and easier. The system also benefits the citizens who will get the forms they actually need to fill out.

The Forms Builder is part of the services of the Agency Service Registry (ASR). Government agencies connected to the ASR provide the details of their services into the Forms Builder. All the citizens have to do is select the services they need and the forms will be sent to them for filling out and filing. Payment for services will also be done online through the PhPay.


The hassle-free electronic forms make it easier and simpler for citizens or users to get the right forms, fill them out and send online.
It saves government agencies time, effort and money by eliminating the printout of paper forms and face-to-face transactions.