The current version of the Forms Builder is being updated. A new and better system will be coming soon with the following specifications. 


The Forms Builder is the improved version of the Forms Generator. Forms Builder is a web-based application that allows the creation of electronic forms instead of paper-based forms among government agencies.

The Forms Builder provides an enterprise solution that can handle large form, complex validation, and collection of data.


The Forms Builder is a customized version of the Orbeon Forms Community Edition.

Through the Forms Builder application, form creators can:

  • Create and deploy forms through a web browser
  • Specify errors, warnings and alert messages to display
  • Define fields that are visible or editable
  • Create rules to automatically calculate and populate values
  • Create forms with repeated group of fields
  • Generate PDF files with data entered by users, with the layout of web form created
  • Multi-page forms

To ensure the security of the forms, permissions can be set based to control who can edit, view, update and delete forms.

Online forms build in the application can be accessed anytime and anywhere using standard web technologies and can be accessed from desktops, laptops and mobile devices.


Forms Builder supports common web browsers, namely, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome v.33 or higher and Mozilla Firefox v.27 or higher for best performance.

For questions, email or contact Ms. Choi Rullan at 920-0101 loc 2621 / 2622.