The government’s cloud computing service is in the process of scaling up operations to better serve client agencies, the Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) program announced on Thursday, 26 May.

Jelina Tetangco talks about GovCloud's expansion
Jelina Tetangco talks about GovCloud’s expansion

Jelina Tetangco, head of iGovPhil’s Infrastructure service, said iGovPhil is currently procuring hardware and software to expand the Government Cloud (GovCloud) and accommodate requests of government agencies for coverage. She made the announcement during the regular Kapihan ng mga Hepe, an informal meeting of government chief information officers (CIOs) to discuss issues relevant to the implementation of ICT projects.

This month’s Kapihan, held at the Information and Communications Technology Office building in Quezon City and attended by 11 representatives from six government agencies, focused on iGovPhil’s experience in providing GovCloud.

“GovCloud has been implemented since 2013. It used to be small scale and was conceptualized to only host some of the iGovPhil’s applications and services. But as it became known, we extended the service to interested government agencies,” said Tetangco.

As of the present, there are 33 agencies hosted in the GovCloud using 229 virtual machines, and more agencies are expressing their interest to avail of the service. “However, due to GovCloud’s limited capacity, it cannot entertain additional clients as of the moment,” said Tetangco.

There is, however, an ongoing project to extend its reach and accommodate more government agencies. Tetangco said procurement for Government Common Platform (GCP) Cloud and the Next Generation Cloud is pushing through. “We are doing this to meet up the demands of additional agencies turning to cloud technology and to ease up the over-provisioned status of the current setup,” she said.

Under the envisioned new GovCloud setup, the old GovCloud will become the Managed Cloud and will host all applications for development. The GCP Cloud, on the other hand, will house all platform applications and services, and the NextGen Cloud will be the complete cloud solution and will contain production environment applications and databases.

Both the GCP Cloud and the NextGen Cloud are expected to be available by the end of this year.

For queries on how to avail of GovCloud and other iGovPhil services, please email