Administrative Management System

  • Human Resource Management and Payroll System

  • Performance Management System

  • Accounting and Budget Management System

  • Logistics and Transport Management System

  • Contracts Management System

  • Enterprise Planning


  • Electronic and Physical Access Control

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • Financial transactions verification and authentication

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

CADD has promising applications in the following areas of government:

  • Public Works and Utilities (DPWH)

  • Urban Planning and Zoning (LGUs)

  • Storage and Retrieval of Architectural Plans (LGUs)

  • Industrial and Product Designs (Design Center)

  • Storage and Retrieval of Engineering Plans and Drawings (IPO)

Data Warehousing / Data Mining / Decision Support System / Executive Information System

Data warehousing and EIS/DSS can be employed in the following areas of government:

  • Economic modeling and analysis

  • Financial / Fiscal modeling and analysis

  • Agricultural sector modeling and analysis

  • Domestic and International Trade modeling and analysis

  • Employment data analysis

Distributed Databases

Distributed databases can be employed in all agencies that require flexibility in designing and building integrated applications that cross geographical and bureaucratic boundaries.

Electronic Commerce

  • Supply and Inventory Management System

  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement System

  • Fixed Asset Management System

  • Facilities Maintenance Management System

  • Government Securities Auction and Trading

  • Document / form submission

Electronic Document Management

  • Central Repository of official documents in electronic form

  • Convertion of all existing documents into electronic form

  • Enterprise Information Portal

Geographical Information System (GIS)

  • BaseMapping and Thematic Mapping

  • Integrated Land Information Systems

  • Environment Monitoring and Resource Management

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Population and other Censuses

  • Elections Management and Monitoring/Reporting

  • Epidemiological/Health Studies

  • Facilities Management

  • Infrastructure Planning, Construction Management, and Monitoring

  • Disaster Preparedness Planning and Damage Assessment

  • Public Safety/Public Order/Defense Applications

  • Transportation and Traffic Management

  • Land Use Planning and Zoning Administration

  • Tourism Planning and Tourism Services Information Systems

  • Promotion of Economic Development

  • Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Real Property Estate Valuation. Tax Assessment, and Marketing

  • Teaching Geography and other applications

Internet Technologies

(Intranets / Extranets / VPN / Internet Telephony / Video-Conferencing Over IP)

  • Electronic Mail

  • Electronic Publishing through Government web pages

  • Agency intranets/extranets

  • Government VPN

  • Regional videoconferencing centers

  • Information Kiosks

Online Learning

Online learning can be employed in the following areas:

  • Distance education

  • CAL modules

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing technologies can be applied in the following areas:

  • Environmental monitoring and control

  • Agriculture

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

Token-Type Authentication System

This technology can be applied to provide:

  • Secure and tamper-proof Social Security identification card

  • Authenticated eligible users in a “closed” e-commerce system

Virtual Private Networks

  • Internal e-mail

  • Company-provided (and controlled) Web access

  • Internal database access

  • Intranet Web serving and publishing

  • Electronic commerce

  • Sharing of proprietary or confidential data

  • Institutional support

Wireless or Mobile Computing

Wireless communication technology helps government in enhancing and enabling cost-effective person-to-person, intra-agency, and inter-agency communications.