We are all familiar with the electronic mail we send and receive through private service providers like Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. We know them by the addresses that end with@yahoo.com, @gmail.com and @hotmail.com. Occasionally, however, we see addresses with different endings and know that the emails came from companies or organizations the senders claim to represent.

That is what the Government Email System (GovMail) is offering the government agencies: identity. Imagine how you feel when you receive an “official” email from an agency with a gmail.com or yahoo.com address. You’ll have doubts about its origin and think that an organization worth its salt would have a unique and personalized email account.

That is exactly what people will think of your official email. It may be all right to use free third party accounts for personal emails, but for serious government email you have to show proof that you mean business.

A user@agency.gov.ph address is the answer. It tells people you are who you say you are – or at least you belong to the agency named in the GovMail account. It gives credibility and weight to your email.

The GovMail system is in line with the e-Government Master Plan that aims to modernize government processes to improve the delivery of goods and services to the public and promote transparency. Citizens will also benefit in terms confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with authentic government agencies.


Aside from giving the government offices and personnel a credible online identity, the GovMail System is also designed with more collaborative features such as central calendar for easy collaboration on tasks and scheduling of meetings and other activities. It also has a Briefcase feature allowing efficient sharing of files to one another. GovMail is also hosted in a central server owned by the government for added security. Simultaneously, this can save money for the government agencies since they do not have to manage their own server and pay for Internet service and data storage.

Support for mobile devices and multiple platforms as well as online and offline access are also included in its features.


  • Provides a corporate identity to the government through the use of domain user@agency.gov.ph
  • Data sovereignty
  • Improved security features with PKI