The Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Program provides a web hosting service to government entities, including government agencies, financial institutions, government-owned and -controlled corporations, and inter-agency collaborations, programs, and projects. This allows government websites to be housed under one roof.

Administrative Order no. 39 s. 2013 (AO 39), issued by President Benigno Aquino III on 12 July 2013, mandates all line agencies to transfer their Internet hosting requirements to the Government Web Hosting Service (GWHS) for more efficient use of technology and greater protection against hacking and cyber attacks. Local government units and other autonomous bodies of government are exempted from the order but they are encouraged to avail of the web hosting service.

All government agencies are also tasked to strictly follow the Uniform Website Content Policy (UWCP) that gives their websites a common look and feel and the government a corporate identity.

The Philippine Uniform Website Content Policy (UWCP) institutionalizes a corporate identity for all government websites through standardized design, navigation, and content. Government websites help improve the delivery of timely and needed information and services to citizens. With Government websites having a standard look and feel, and with links to agencies and offices from the three branches of government, the necessary information needed by citizens will be readily accessible regardless of what agency website they are visiting or what device they are using for access. The UWCP is an initiative of the iGovPhil Program led by agencies under the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the Department of Science and Technology Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) in collaboration with the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO).

Advantages of using the UWCP:

Ease of navigation. The template is designed for ease of navigation, with important information readily accessible, regardless of browser or access device, and even for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Mobile friendly. With the proliferation of wireless access devices like smartphones and tablets, it is important that websites are able to maintain their formatting and retain ease of navigation regardless of access device.

Compliance with the law. The UWCP is designed to comply with all laws relating to format and content for government agencies, including but not limited to: the Transparency Seal requirement (NBC 542), Philippine Standard Time law (RA 10535) and web accessibility guidelines (PWAG).

Easy Integration with value-added online services. The UWCP will facilitate the adoption of a myriad of value-added online services currently being developed under the iGovPhil Program, such as: single sign on, forms generator, archives and records management, and online payments.

Security. Hacking and cyber vandalism are major issues for government agencies, particularly for those who have front-line online services. The UWCP comes with security guidelines to ensure that industry best practices for web security are implemented. Likewise, another level of security can be added by availing of web hosting services through Government Cloud, also developed under iGovPhil.

Reduced web development costs. With format and navigation taken out of the equation, agencies can focus on more important aspects of their online presence such as content development. With the UWCP, agencies will have a professionally developed website at minimal cost.

Regular training for webmasters on the use of the UWCP is held at various venues. Contact the Capability Building Team to find out when the next training will be.