Benefits to the Public

PhPay offers convenience to citizens, businesses and other entities by allowing them to pay online for government services. They won’t have to appear personally and fall in line at government offices, saving them time and effort. Not only that, the system also lessens the opportunity for graft and corruption by eliminating face-to-face transactions. A service fee will be charged for each transaction, but it’s a small price compared to the cost of personal appearance, e.g., commuting fares, gas, parking fees and other expenses.

Using different modes of payments including ATM accounts, credit cards, bank and non-bank over-the-counter payments, mobile wallets (SMS), mobile banking, and rural banks, PhPay will allow the public to pay for government services hassle-free. Several online payment service providers have also offered their services for PhPay, including Dragon Pay, Master Card, LBC and Rural Net.

Along with Phpay, a system that will automatically generate electronic official receipts – called ProgRESIBO – will be implemented. The e-receipt will be sent to the payer’s email address. It can then be kept, printed or transmitted as proof of payment by the user.

Benefits to the Government

At the end of each transaction day, government agencies deposit all the payments they receive to the Bureau of Treasury (BTr). PhPay makes the whole process easier and simpler by letting the online payments go directly to the BTr.

Adopting agencies also save time and money by eliminating the process of negotiating directly with different online payment service providers and paying setup fees for each one. By simply adopting PhPay, they can avail of services that are already connected to several payment channels.