Good news, users!

Your Government Web Template (GWT) has now been updated to version 25.0. This version adds new features and improved options to Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal to streamline your GWT experience. While we’re at it, GWT 25.0 will be the last major release for 2016. We will continue to provide you with patches and bug fixes, though.

Below is the detailed list of changes for Government Web Template 25.0:

Government Web Template for Drupal 7.0
1 Used Foundation 6.0 theme framework
2 Improved accessibility feature
3 Used font-awesome as default icon pack
4 Improved slider
5 Added theme options
* Used tabbing
* More CSS customizations
* More header,banner and banner settings
6 Improved menu system
* Used off-canvas menu for mobile devices
* Used sticky menu for header
7 Default transparency seal (gwt_helper_module) block
8 Default PST (Philippine Standard Time) block

Government Web Template for Joomla! 3.x

1 Rebranded version to GWT-Joomla version 25.0
2 Updated Foundation to v6
3 Changed and removed most of the overrides
4 Brought Accessibility back
5 Brought the Orbit Slider back
6 Used Font Awesome on icons
7 Used the new PST
8 Changed the mobile menu to off canvas and drilldown.

Government Web Template for WordPress 4.x

1 [Update] Foundation version 6.2.2
2 [Features] Philippine Standard Time (PST)
3 Font customization
4 [Features] Panel Top & Bottom section
5 Background color customization
6 [Enhancement] Orbit Slider
7 [Enhancement] Responsive Mobile Menu
8 [Enhancement] Transparency Seal
9 [Enhancement] Accessibility Add-on
* High Contrast mode
* Skip to Content
* Skip to Footer

Keep tuned in for more updates on your Government Web Template. Please visit our site at for links to the GWT user manuals and official package releases.