The Agency Records Inventory System (AgRIS) is a web-enabled list of record series or titles kept and maintained by submitting agencies. Instead of filling out spreadsheets provided by NAP and sending them through mail, records officers can update their listings using web browsers. Since NAP has a remote access on the system, both NAP and the agencies can have a real time updates on the records inventory.

AgRIS serves as a support databank assisting NAP and the agencies in determining which record series or sets are to be kept and which are for disposal.


The development of the Agency Records Inventory System (AgRIS) is in support of the mandate of the National Archives of the Philippines. According to Republic Act No. 9470 Article III Section 15, “all government offices shall conduct an inventory of their public records and shall be mandated to keep the following data in their respective registry.” In this regard, records officers from all branches of the government are required to submit to NAP an accomplished National Records Inventory Form. This form is commonly burned into CDs and sent through snail mail to NAP.


The development of AgRIS aims to automate the submission process of records inventory forms of government agencies to NAP. Through AgRIS, the process is simplified by allowing records officers from around the country online access to the system.


The scope of AgRIS is limited only to the inventory of records and archives of government institutions. It does not include inventory of office supplies and the like.