In an effort to speed up the issuance of digital certificates and make them more accessible to the people, especially in remote areas of the country, 11 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) registration officers were recently hired to accept and process applications, the iGovPhil Program announced today.

Deomar Pedrosa, head of the iGovPhil Program’s Philippine National PKI team, said eight new officers will be assigned at the Government Registration Authority (GovRA) offices in various provinces and three will be posted at the Central Office in Quezon City.

The PKI makes government online transactions and operations more secure and reliable with digital certificates, which the subscribers use to authenticate and sign electronic documents. The certificates are issued by the iGovPhil Program acting as the Government Certification Authority (GovCA). GovRAs, on the other hand, receive and process the applications.

Assigned in the field offices are: Cirilo Gazzingan (Luzon Cluster 1), Mario Antonio Aya-ay (Luzon Cluster 2), Amador Cabredo (Luzon Cluster 3), Claire Fernandez (Visayas Cluster 2), Royden Rusiana (Visayas Cluster 2), Madeline Arevalo (Mindanao Cluster 1), Octaviano Guibelondo (Mindanao Cluster 3), and Benjamin Valencia (Mindanao Cluster 3). Those in the central office are: Ariel Asama, Walter Andrew Miguel, and Ronnie Rabor.

The new officers have been duly appointed and assigned to their new offices after passing the requirements set by the head of the GovRA and completing their training,” Pedrosa said. “They will be fully on-boarded and ready to receive applications for digital certificates by March of this year.”

Their location and contact information will be posted on the iGovPhil website as reference for those who will want to apply for digital certificates.


Deomar Pedrosa,