The Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Program is an initiative envisioned to enable a whole-of-government transition in ICT that would allow strategic integration and better efficiency across government agencies. An integrated approach addresses the aspects of infrastructure, services, applications, and tools to enable improved public service and governance through enhanced processes and service delivery.

The government data center (GDC) addresses one of iGovPhil’s goals of building the physical infrastructure to interconnect government agencies. It serves as the launching point for many government services such as cloud computing, web hosting, server colocation, and other operations. A number of agencies operate their own data centers or outsource their data center needs. The current trend in governments, however, is toward data center consolidation, not only to cut back on costs, but to optimize ICT resources and operations, and address data security concerns. The GDC makes faster data exchange and collaboration among government agencies. It provides centralized servers and colocation and storage facilities.

These data centers will be operated 24/7 and will be fully equipped with the necessary network equipment and connectivity, data storage facilities, as well as with cooling, security, power, monitoring, and fire-protection systems. Other existing government- owned data centers will likewise be connected to the network. Data center services for participating government agencies comprise of physical hosting or collocation, backups, and security.

Since June of 2014, colocation services for government agencies have already been made available.


Reduction on government spending

Data center consolidation would have a huge impact on government spending. Government will gain savings as a result of reduced costs from data center hardware and software procurement, maintenance and operations.


Data center consolidation will result to greater efficiency by increasing the use of more efficient computing platforms and technologies.

Overall IT improvement

Data center consolidation will improve government’s overall IT security posture and disaster readiness.The iGov Data Center has a redundant site, as well as fully redundant systems, which means the systems for disaster recovery are in place.


The setting up of the Government Data Center, or the GDC, is in pursuant of the Executive Order No. 47 or the implementation of the iGovPhil Program, which states the need for an information and communications technology infrastructure that will ensure the delivery of speedy and efficient government services to the people. This aims to make the government more efficient, transparent, and accountable.