The Philippines continued to improve its performance in data openness, jumping 14 places from last year’s 36th out of 92 countries to 22nd out of 115 countries this year, according to the recent Open Data Barometer report.

The country also ranks fifth in East Asia and the Pacific, after South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, the report said. Last year, the Philippines had the biggest improvement jumping 17 places from 57th of 86 countries to 36th of 92 countries.

The Open Data Barometer survey, conducted by the World Wide Web Foundation, is a yearly measure of governments’ efforts of publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation and social impact. The rankings are based on the following indicators: readiness, implementation, and impact of open data programs. The survey covered the 12-month period from July 2015 to June 2016.

While this year’s Barometer shows some improvement in open data initiatives in “regional champion” countries, the overall picture is not that encouraging with “governments slowing and stalling in their commitment to open data. In some cases, progress has even been undone.”

“The findings from the fourth edition of the Open Data Barometer show that … open data remains the exception, not the rule.”

Among its recommendations are: for government data to be “open by default,” integration of open data across all agencies and departments, adoption of the Open Data Charter by governments, consultation with citizens, and using open data to improve the lives of the poor.