PhPay and Progresibo is currently being re-developed. To signify intent to avail of the system in the future, you may contact the Project Manager for this initiative, Mr. Stefan Flores through his email: Thank you for your continued support.


The PhPay, a government online payment system, is an Internet-based electronic payment facility and gateway that will enable citizens and businesses to remit payments electronically to government agencies. It renders services through various delivery channels, which include debit instructions (ATM accounts), credit instructions (credit cards) and mobile wallets (SMS).

Government agencies that offer direct services to citizens will no longer have to worry about payment methods for the services they render. With the iGovPhil’s online payment system, payment can be made online allowing participating agencies to free up their staff and focus more on competencies. Even better, electronic payments will keep the citizens happy by making payments more efficient and less time consuming. With the online payment system, agencies can also lessen the need for face-to-face transactions, which means that there are fewer opportunities for graft and corruption, as well as fixers.


  • Online payment allows government agencies to free up their staff and focus more on competencies.
  • Payments are made more efficient and less time consuming for citizens and businesses.
  • Face-to-face transactions are eliminated, which means no fixers and less opportunities for graft and corruption