The current version of PMGov is being reviewed and updated. The project will continue to support the agencies who have availed the system. New applications for PMGov instances, however, will be put on hold.


With each government unit, office or agency implementing its own projects, it is important to keep track of people and activities in order to monitor the projects’ progress and ensure that the activities are carried out as planned. However, there is no standard method or tool being utilized by the government to track its projects. Tracking projects by the government can be a mix of different versions of spreadsheets, documents, email exchanges and various meetings, which could lead to some confusion as to the actual state and progress of projects.

The iGovPhil Program addresses this issue through the Government Project Management Information System (PMGov), an online project management application that allows project proponents to collaborate with all the stakesholders every step of the way: from initiation to planning and design, execution, monitoring and evaluation, to closing.

Its principles are based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBok) and Projects in Controlled Environments, version 2 (Prince2). It recognizes ten knowledge areas that are typical to all projects, namely: integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communications management, risk management, procurement management, stakeholder management.


  • Support multiple projects and user roles. Allows an agency to manage all projects in one system. Users can have different roles in each project they are involved in.
  • Flexible role-based access control. Enables users to have defined roles associated with a set of permissions.
  • Flexible task tracking system. Permits a user to define the status of each task assignment, as well as the percentage of completion.
  • Gantt Chart and calendar. Automated Gantt chart based on the start and deadline of each task/milestone.
  • Time tracking functionality. Allows the proponents to track the length of time spent for each task and enables the users to track and manage their time for each assignment.
  • Documents and files management. Enables file and document sharing.
  • Wikis and forums. Allows users to add, modify and delete content in collaboration or in discussion with other project members.
  • Contact management. Enables the agency to add all internal and external stakeholders, with their email and phone numbers, in one database.