In six months after its launch in June 2012 the Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Program has accomplished quite a number of tasks that it set out to do even months before. Among these are the process of procurement and set up of infrastructure, the plan for systems integration, the series of brainstorming and meetings with stakeholders, the forging of memorandum of agreements with partner
agencies, and training of project staff and agency users.

In terms of infrastructure, the project has been slowly taking shape with the delivery of hardware for the Manila Data Center in October and Cebu Data Center in December. Bidding is ongoing for the many infrastructure development like the renovation of the 300 sqm area at the NCC building for the Manila Data Center, and the fiber optic network that will interconnect 160 government agencies in Metro Manila.

Components under system integration also stayed on tract. Talks with Securemetric on December 12 was held for PKI as well as a pre-bid conference for NaRMIS on December 14. A template for government websites was presented in December and approved for adaption by the iGovPhil. MOAs have been signed with the DOTC-MRT3-ICTO and TRC, and a Template MOA for node agencies is ready. More are under review.

Below is the highlight of the monthly accomplishments of the various components of the project:

May 2012

  • An Agency Outsourcing request (AOR) was submitted to the Philippine International Trading Corp. for the procurement of capital outlay items.
  • Manila Data Center: Three suppliers participated in an initial site survey. Floor plan of whole 300 sqm area already provided to suppliers for bidding.
  • Met with Securemetric/Primekey and Nexus for Public Key Infrastructure.
  • Met with UR Solutions for the setup and deployment of government-wide e-mail and collaboration system. Initial cost proposal for 6,000 licensed Zimbra accounts and 4,000 Zimbra community edition (free) using domain was submitted.
  • Met with Bastion Payment Gateway and drafted MOA. MOA was being reviewed by ICT Office Legal.
  • Government portal: Met with Jonathan Cuevas of the Office of Press Secretary (Manuel Quezon III office). A verbal agreement had been reached for the setup a government portal.
  • Consultations for IP Network were held with Ericsson on May 7 and Google on May 9, 2012.


  • Conducted and assessed major events handled by the project such as project briefing and pre-launching, together with the stakeholders and the partner agencies.
  • Participated in the National Science and Technology Week.
  • Conducted Redmine orientation and briefing to Project Management Component members.
  • Prepared Fiber Core Network Plan with identified loops and agencies to be connected.
  • U/Sec. Louis Napoleon Casambre, together with the component members, met with MMDA Chairman Francis N. Tolentino on July 18, 2012.
  • A budget of Php 50 million was allocated for the two data centers.
  • Two suppliers, ATI and Prime Access, joined the initial site survey of the Manila Data Center.
  • An exploratory talk on systems development with Technology Resource Center (TRC) was held on July 18.
  • Two suppliers, Securemetric/Primkey (open source) and Nexus (propriety), submitted cost proposals for PKI.
  • Pre-procurement with Philippine International Trading Corp. (PITC) was held on June 14, 2012.
  •  Terms of Reference for Forms Generator was finalized.
  • Conducted the DOST Technology and Industry Forum on High Impact Technology Solutions (HITS), in coordination with DOST-ASTI and DOST HITS TaskForce on July 11, 2012.
  • The Knowledge and Communications team created the social networking accounts for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Conducted bid opening for PKI.
  • Identified potential Registration Authorities for PKI.
  • Completed walk-through review for eBayad.
  • Conducted exploratory meeting with various payment gateways, such as Bastion Payment Systems, YESpayments, AsiaPay and Dragonpay.
  • Conducted bid opening for GovMail.
  • Drafted MOA and TOR for NaRMIS and for Forms Generator.
  • The Social Marketing conducted a lecture on Development of Systems Engineering and Risk Analysis Tools for Managing Disaster Consequences on Interdependent Infrastructure and Economic Systems.
  • The Policy Standards and Development team drafted policy for the systems and applications.
  • Brownbag sessions held for project staff on Redmine Training, Project Management, Mindmap, Fibercore for Dummies and Prezi.
  • Training conducted on Managing ICT, Governance in the Public Sector to the iGov Social Marketing Component.
  • K&C finalized iGov Communications Plan and contents to be included on website. It also revised the first printed brochure.


  • PMO drafted the Quality Plan, Procurement Plan, Project Scope Plan
  • Finalized the Fiber Network Plan. Prioritized Quezon City loop.
  • The TOR for refurbishment and repair of Manila Data Center was submitted to the Philippine International Trading Corporation.
  • The Notice of Award (NOA) for data center equipment was issued to bidder. Order confirmation has been issued.
  • Submitted two propossals for eBayad and Forms Builder.
  • Identified and reviewed potential Registration Authorities (RAs) for PKI. Guidelines were released.
  • Identified DBM and DOST as pilot agencies for NaRMIS.
  • Social Marketing announced that the number of participating government agencies increased from 98 to 149. Training references and manuals were consolidated and Program of Instructions (POI) formulated.
  • Cluster Meeting and Last Mile Training were posted on the events section of the iGovPhil website.
  • Rewrote and finalized contents of brochure.


  • Conducted Detail Implementation Planning on PKI, Govmail and iGovPhil Cloud on October 27-29, 2012 in Subic.
  • Finalized MOAs with LRTA and ICTO, DND and DOST and drafted the template MOA for Node Agencies.
  • Purchase Confirmation for data center equipment was signed on October 3, 2012.
  • Notice to Proceed given to TIM-SSI on October 17, 2012.
  • Preliminary pre-procurement for fiber optic network conducted on October 24, 2012 at PITC.
  • Technical Evaluation Sheet for PKI was signed by ASTI on October 17, 2012.
  • Pre-procurement for Rack Mountable Firewall was held on October 24, 2012 at PITC.
  • Equipment for Manila Data Center was delivered on October 25, 2012.
  •  Drafted TOR for Fiber Optic Network and identified aerial and underground connections.
  • Identified enabling applications for PKI, Govmail, NaRMIS, and Redmine.
  • Conducted NaRMIS workshop on October 12, 2012 at NCC.
  • Director Tamayo of the Bureau of Treasury agreed to have the bureau act as the Single Merchant for eBayad. Met with members of the GEPCSET, from DTI and BSP, to discuss policy issues.
  • Conducted Cluster Meetings of government agencies from Quezon City on October 4 and 5, 2012.
  • A training on Last Mile Hardware Network Component was conducted on October 12-13 at NCC.
  • K&C presented a new design and layout of the iGovPhil website. All events, pictures and presentations were posted on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Copies of multi-page brochure were printed and distributed during the Cluster Meetings and Last Mile training.
  • Press releases on Cluster Meeting, Last Mile Training and GovMail were issued.


  • Presented eBayad’s Enterprise Architecture to DBM, ICTO, NCC, BTr, COA and BSP on November 27, 2012.
  • Finalized TOR for NaRMIS development.
  • OP-PCDSPO and ASTI met and agreed on standards for websites of NGAs, SUCs and LGUs in three platforms: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!
  • A training, sponsored by IBM, on Installation and Configuration of Data Center Servers was held on November 7-9.
  • A Brownbag session for technical staff, VI/VM Text Editor, was held on November 21.
  • A training for technical staff on Domain Name System was held on November 28.
  • Batch 2 of Last Mile Training for government agencies was conducted on November 15-16.
  • ICT Penetration Testing and Web Security seminar was held (in partnership with ISACA Manila Chapter).
  • Conducted Cluster Meetings of government agencies on November 12 and 13, 2012.


  • Updated FOC TOR and map submitted to PITC on December 21.
  • Eight-node server and appliance firewall has been delivered at the Manila Data Center.
  • Submitted a rebidding of PACU/ACU refurbishment for Manila Data Center.
  • Delivery and installation of equipment at TelOf Cebu was conducted on December 4-7, 2012.
  • Presentation of the government website template for NGAs, SUCs, LGUs was conducted on December 14, 2012. Attendees were from the ASTI, NCC, OP-PCDSPO, CHED, DILG and DFA.
  • Installation and configuration and customization of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization platform and Zimbra Collaboration Suite for GovMail were started and still going on.
  • Met with Securemetric for PKI on December 12, 2012. (The schedule was moved due to the late issuance of Notice to Proceed. TOR requirement in PKI: same schedule of delivery of hardware and software.)
  • Brown Bag sessions on Linux for data center personnel were held on December 5, 12, and 19, 2012.
  • Cluster Meeting for Priority 2 and 3 agencies was held on December 12, 2012.