What is video conferencing?

– Video Conferencing is a technology that allows users to hold live, audio-visual communication from different locations.

What is Vidyo Portal?

– Vidyo Portal manages the users, meeting rooms and tenants. The portal can issue up to 10,000 user accounts and has 1,000 download license for software.

How many connections can the iGov video conferencing system handle concurrently?

– The iGov video conferencing system can handle up to 25 concurrent calls or connections (one VidyoLine license is good for one call or connection). When a call ends, the license is reclaimed by the server and made available to other authorized users.

Can the Vidyo System connect with other video conferencing platforms, such as h323 system (Polycom, Cisco, Radvision/Avaya, Lifesize)?

– Yes, iGov Vidyo system has a VidyoGateway server that can handle other systems, such as h323. The VidyoGateway can connect up to two 1080p resolution or five 720p resolution.

Can the Vidyo System record or stream an ongoing session?

– Yes, but these features are optional. You need to ask the Vidyo administrator to give you or the moderator of the session the right to record or stream your session.

How can I view the live webcast of an ongoing session?

– Using your browsers, just click the link of the live stream provided by the moderator. The moderator can also put a PIN code to the stream, so that only intended viewers with the PIN code can watch the stream.

Clients can’t connect or register to the Vidyo Portal.

– Restart the endpoint you are using then try to log in again. If this doesn’t work, ask your network administrator to open the TCP/UDP ports needed by the Vidyo Portal.

The call always drops after two minutes and the Vidyo client(s) would have to reconnect.

– Some firewalls have a UDP default timeout setting, this configuration should be changed or disabled from your firewalls.