How to Request Vidyo Account

Agencies interested in Vidyo can email their request at or at with the following information:

Name of Person Making the Request
Email Address
Details of event

The VidyoPortal Administrator will then provide the account to the person making the request.

Requirements for VidyoDesktop:

1. Wired Network

Recommended specifications should be at least 2-4 Mbps dedicated network.

2. Laptop

Recommended Specifications should be:

OS: Windows 8/7/XP, MAC OSX 10.6 or later
CPU: Core2Duo 2GHz or higher
RAM: 2Gb

3. Speakerphone

The image below shows the supported peripherals of Vidyo.


Check the list of supported Speakerphones, as recommended by Vidyo.

4. HD Webcam

Users can use their own laptop webcam or an external webcam. The following are the recommended external webcam for Vidyo:


Check the full list of recommended and supported peripherals for Vidyo.

5. Monitor or Projector

Users can either use their own laptop screen or extend to a monitor or screen.

How to Download and Log In to VidyoDesktop or VidyoMobile

To download VidyoDesktop or VidyoMobile, visit the VidyoPortal and do the following:

1. Click on Download VidyoDesktop or VidyoMobile.
2. Follow the instructions to download the software.
3. After successful installation, the VidyoDesktop or VidyoMobile log-in window will appear.
4. Enter the username and password provided to you by the iGovPhil VidyoPortal administrator.
5. Click Log-in.

How to Join a Conference in Your Own Room

Once you have successfully logged in, a contact list will appear. Your personal room is always the first entry in the list of contacts.

1. Click on your personal room to view information about the room. The information that will be displayed includes the status of the room, the room’s extension, the tenant name, the number of participants in the room (if any), and the list of participants in the room (if any).
2. Click on “Join Room”.
3. The conference will start once you joined.

How to Join a Conference in Someone Else’s Room or a Public Room

1. In your contact list, clicking on another user will enable you to view more information about the contact, place a call, or join the contact’s rooms.
2. Click “Call” to place a direct call. Note, however, that if the contact is unavailable or busy the Call button will be disabled.
3. The list of rooms the contact has will also appear in the information window when clicked.
4. Click a room from the list to join.
5. For public rooms, tap the room to view more information about the room or to join the room. Direct calls cannot be made to a public room.